What are the practical applications of Quantum Entanglement?

The very complex definition of Entangled states according to Quantum mechanics entangled systems are defined to be one whose quantum state cannot be factored as a product of states of its local constituents; that is to say, they are not individual particles but are an inseparable whole. In entanglement, one constituent cannot be fully described without considering the other(s). To know more about Quantum Entanglement visit our post The very weird phenomenon, Quantum Entanglement Quantum Entanglement or "spooky action at a distance" is being harnessed, along with other quantum effects, for use in a variety of real-world applications. Some of them are: 1. Ultra-Precise Clocks Reliable timekeep

The fate of the universe

We all are aware about the fact that our universe is expanding and is infinity. But this universe’s fate is as uncertain as the universe itself. There is an equal probability that the world could end tomorrow, just in a snap, with us being completely oblivious to what actually happened. The universe is on a knife’s edge but what could be the reasos that could make everything disappear? Cosmologists have three possible answers for this question: the Big Freeze, the Big Rip and the Big Crunch. To understand these three scenarios, imagine two objects representing galaxies. A short, tight rubber band is holding them together— that’s the attractive force of gravity. Meanwhile, two hooks are pulli

String theory in simple words!

The biggest dilemma of Einstein’s life represents the search of a unified theory. Scientists all over the world are currently engrossed in the quest of a unified theory where we unify all the laws of physics, be it Quantum mechanics or the Classical physics: all the laws collated in one single framework which could predict anything and everything. Currently, we have multiple theories and suggestions for the unified theory but the very promising and compelling one is “the string theory.” So what is string theory? In physics, string theory represents a theoretical framework in which the point-like particles of particle physics are replaced by one-dimensional objects called strings. For example


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