What is time? Does it even exist?

In late 16s when Newton published his book ‘Philosophiæ Naturalis Principia Mathematica’ he stated that time is absolute and is the same for everyone no matter in which state you are in this universe. But in the early 19s comes Einstein with his general theory of relativity stating that time is relative to person by person depending on which state or part of the universe he was in. Since then our understanding of time has completely revolutionized but we are still oblivious to the fact that what is actually time, is something very fundamental which exists in this universe or is just an illusion. His theory of relativity tells us that time passes for everyone, but doesn’t always pass at the s

The very weird phenomenon, Quantum Entanglement

Consider throwing a ball straight into the air. Can you predict the motion of the ball after it leaves your hand? Sure, that's easy. The ball will move upward until it gets to some highest point, then it will come back down and land in your hand again. Of course, that's what happens, and you know this because you have witnessed events like this countless times. You've been observing the physics of everyday phenomena your entire life. But suppose we explore a question about the physics of atoms, like what does the motion of an electron around the nucleus of a hydrogen atom look li ke? Could we answer that question based on our experience with everyday physics? Definitely not. Why? Because the


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